Why Some People Sell Their Bethesda Home Quicker Than Others

If you are a seller looking to list your home in Bethesda, selling quickly is a priority. The rate at which a home sells varies by location, price, and many other factors, but there are a few main reasons behind some homes selling quicker than others. If you are looking to sell your home quickly or wondering why some homes sell faster than others, consider these tips before listing.

Move-in ready: Cleaning and repairs

The first thing successful sellers do to ensure a quick sale of their home is thoroughly clean the property. Start with surface areas like cabinets, appliances, and floors to prepare for deeper cleaning. Then clean areas that are often missed, like walls, windowsills, and rooms that are typically messier, like the basement or attic. Once you have conducted a thorough cleaning of the home, look for any noticeable repairs that should be taken care of before selling. The most important repairs to consider before listing are walls, ceilings, floors, HVAC, the water heater, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and electric panels. If any of these can be repaired or replaced, doing so before listing will likely help your home sell faster. Preparing your home by cleaning and making it move-in ready will impress prospective buyers and is a step toward selling your home quickly.

Declutter and optimize

Once you have cleaned and done any necessary repairs, it is important to declutter and optimize your space. Successful sellers often make their home look polished and optimize the space and lighting they have to impress buyers and take great photographs. Decluttering involves removing items that take up a lot of space or aren’t used frequently and considering what buyers and agents will see when they tour the house. Optimizing space is also important for a quick sale, as sellers can emphasize the natural lighting in their house and furnish areas that look empty. The advantage of a great first impression on buyers allows some owners to sell faster than others.

Staging and photography

Another important way to get ahead and sell your home quickly is by hiring professional home stagers and a photographer. Good staging and photography will sell your house fast and sometimes for higher than the listing price. Home staging involves professional rearrangement and replacement of furniture and decorations in your home to enhance the space for viewers and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Staging usually bodes well for listings because it appeals to prospective buyers and pairs well with photography. Once your home is staged, have a photographer take photos for the online listing. Using quality photos in online listings is important because it is likely the first impression of your property for many buyers. The photos may also be a great reference for buyers to revisit after touring your house. Staging matters because it can help buyers emotionally connect, increase perceived value, help buyers visualize a vacant home, and create quality online images to capture interest. NAR also states that staging a home can increase its sale price by up to 20%.

Curb appeal

“Curb appeal” is the first impression your home leaves on buyers and visitors based on what they can see from the outside and main entrances. Increasing curb appeal can sometimes involve upgrades to your yard and the exterior of your home, such as doors, windows, and paint. Sellers can also consider perfecting the entryway of their home as it gains a lot of attention and traffic. Upgrading your curb appeal leaves a lasting impression on buyers that the property has been maintained well, and there is little work to be done if they buy your home. Even a small upgrade to the yard can impact the way buyers view your property while touring, so keeping a polished exterior will help you sell your home quicker than others.

Hire an experienced agent

This may sound obvious, but working with a trusted and experienced real estate agent can sell your home fast. Experienced agents will understand the local market and help you price your listing appropriately while still aiming for a competitive price. Experienced brokers are also familiar with the necessary paperwork and formalities of listing and selling, which streamlines the process for all parties involved rather than figuring everything out on your own as a seller. Sellers also benefit from working with agents because of their flexible schedules and ability to show your property to prospective buyers.

Closing incentives

Some homeowners sell their homes faster than others because of their willingness to incentivize buyers. Paying some of the associated fees is a great way to sweeten the buyers’ side of the deal. One of the simplest ways to provide incentives is by paying the closing fees, HOA dues, and broker incentives. Paying closing costs and HOA dues takes a financial burden away from the buyer and makes the sale favorable for them. Broker incentives are for agents, but by taking care of brokers, you will receive more interested buyers in your property. Other possible ways to provide incentives are agreeing to any inspections or appraisals requested by the buyer, fixing repairs that make buyers hesitant, and being flexible for showings and open houses. Covering fees and willingness to compromise will go a long way with prospective buyers and are a large factor in the rate at which a listing will sell.

Ready to sell? Work with Sarro Georgatsos Group

Understanding how to sell your home fast may seem tricky, but small tips like these are a great place to start. From cleaning and staging to working with an experienced Bethesda real estate agent, there are several reasons some Bethesda homes sell quicker than others. If you are looking for Bethesda homes for sale or, more specifically, North Bethesda homes for sale, or have additional questions about selling your home quickly, contact the Sarro Georgatsos Group.

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