Chris's Testimonials

Chris & Denise

Nobody sells homes like Chris Georgatsos. In the past 15 years, Chris has sold 2 homes for Maryland estates I worked on. In addition, he sold my aunt’s house and our personal residence in Bethesda. In every case, he sold the properties in less time than I could have imagined and for a higher price, I never thought we could get. He is the only residential Realtor® I would ever consider. I hope he never retires.

Art & Bridget

Choosing Chris Georgatsos to sell our Bethesda home resulted in incomparable success. A 30-year professional in the dynamically-changing real estate world, Chris guided us knowledgeably and securely through an unbelievable maze of activities and decision-making. He does far more than just “sell” a home. From the beginning, Chris thoroughly involved himself with us at all stages of the process. These included researching our local real estate market; strategizing on the asking price; identifying home and property improvements necessary to bring us “Top Dollar”; providing contractors to do the work at a most reasonable cost; cleaning; consulting for the fabulous, appropriate staging we selected; preparing the most professional, high-quality print/digital materials emphasizing our home’s value and using the most effective, modern-day communications channels to disseminate them; and finally, coordinating for us with the agents, potential buyers and offers that resulted. He was a human dynamo of constant positivity, activity and enthusiasm throughout it all. Chris will be there every step of the way for you from the beginning to the signing of your title documents. We learned of his reputation from a neighbor’s sale and selected him without hesitation. We’re immensely pleased that he delivered in such an impressive way and you will be too.

Ellen & Andy

Chris was great to work with through every step of our home-buying process. Early in our search, we found a foreclosed house that we loved, but it needed a lot of work, and we weren’t sure we wanted to take the plunge. Chris very patiently took us to see some great alternatives, helped us figure out if we could handle the renovation, and then helped us keep our spirits up as the real estate company that owned the foreclosure drew out the negotiations for weeks. He is experienced, kind, and charismatic - we always looked forward to our meetings with him, and ended up with a great house in a great location.


Peter and Chris are what I call the “Dynamic Duo”! They work as a team and one compliments the other regarding their abilities, knowledge, unlimited talents, and personalities. Peter and Chris put 100% of their efforts into market research, staging advice, and networking. They systematically presented our home to the market in record time. We took a chance at listing the home at a price much higher than market value. Because of their expertise, and networking with other Realtor®, they had an interested buyer scheduled to tour the very next day after listing our home. The buyer loved the home. We negotiated a price considerably above market value and is sold with a 3-week closing! They found the perfect buyer for us. This was a dream come true. We couldn’t be more grateful to Peter and Chris for their professionalism and concentrated efforts. Would I recommend them to a buyer or seller? Absolutely!

Mark & Cornelia

Peter and Chris are the best real estate agents we have ever had. After learning unexpectedly in late July we would have to put our house up for sale, we retained Peter and Chris. Our house was nowhere near ready to be put on the market, and the prime time for the seasonal real estate market was quickly coming to a close. They formulated a strategy and executed it, juggling multiple contractors that they brought to the project (they have extensive resources and relationships with staging, painting, landscaping, and estate sale experts) to get the house on the market quickly and sold quickly at higher than asking price. These guys are the best and we give them our highest recommendation.


Peter and Chris are so much more than two men who want to help you in a certain chapter of your life, a major acquisition or a major transition, I have seen them go the extra mile. They have heart. I say this hesitatingly because there probably isn't enough time in a day or month to do all that they did for us, from cleaning to carrying to everything, but I know that when the need is there, they will rise to the top. I have enjoyed working with Peter (mostly, though I love Chris as much) for many years for many varied purposes. I highly recommend them. Is there a 6-star option?

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